turboprop aircraft

turboprop aircraft
ЛА з турбогвинтовим двигуном

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  • turboprop — /terr boh prop /, n. 1. See turbo propeller engine. 2. an airplane equipped with one or more turbo propeller engines. [1940 45; TURBO + PROP3] * * * Hybrid engine that provides jet thrust and also drives a propeller. It is similar to the turbojet …   Universalium

  • Aircraft diesel engine — Thielert Centurion aircraft diesel engine. The aircraft diesel engine or aero diesel has not been widely used as an aircraft engine. Diesel engines were used in airships and were tried in aircraft in the late 1920s …   Wikipedia

  • turboprop — [tʉr′bō präp΄] n. [ TURBO + PROP(ELLER)] 1. a turbojet engine whose turbine shaft, through reduction gears, drives a propeller that develops most of the thrust: in full turboprop engine 2. an aircraft propelled by such an engine …   English World dictionary

  • Turboprop — A turboprop engine is a type of aircraft powerplant that uses a gas turbine engine to drive a propeller. The gas turbine is designed specifically for this application, with almost all of its output being used to drive the propeller. The engine s… …   Wikipedia

  • Aircraft engine — An aircraft engine is a propulsion system for an aircraft. Aircraft engines are almost always a type of lightweight internal combustion engine. This article is an overview of the basic types of aircraft engines and the design concepts employed in …   Wikipedia

  • Aircraft — An aircraft is a vehicle which is able to fly through the Earth s atmosphere or through any other atmosphere. Rocket vehicles are not aircraft if they are not supported by the surrounding air. All the human activity which surrounds aircraft is… …   Wikipedia

  • turboprop — [[t]tɜ͟ː(r)boʊprɒp[/t]] turboprops also turbo prop 1) N COUNT A turboprop is a turbine engine that makes an aircraft propeller go round. 2) N COUNT A turboprop is an aircraft with one or more turboprops …   English dictionary

  • turboprop — n. type of jet engine which includes a turbine driven propeller adding to the thrust of the jet; aircraft powered by one or more turboprop engines (Aeronautics) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • aircraft engine — An engine used or intended to be used for propelling aircraft. It includes super chargers, appurtenances, and accessories necessary for its functioning but does not include propellers. The main types of aircraft engines are reciprocating, gas… …   Aviation dictionary

  • turboprop — noun A type of gas turbine aircraft engine that drives and obtains essentially all thrust from an external (typically unducted) propeller. Syn: propjet …   Wiktionary

  • turboprop — tur|bo|prop [ˈtə:bəuprɔp US ˈtə:rboupra:p] n 1.) a ↑turbine engine that drives a ↑propeller 2.) an aircraft that gets power from this type of engine …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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